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Wilmington Dentist No Insurance

Are you looking for a Wilmington dentist?  Do you not have dental insurance? Come see us at Reamer Dentistry! Your option for a Wilmington Dentist with no insurance. Our membership program makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of insurance without having the waiting periods and associated extra costs. The dentists at Reamer Dentistry have provided Wilmington NC with dental services for the past 40 years.


Wilmington Dentist No Insurance

Wilmington Dentist No insurance

This is not dental insurance. Your membership benefits are only available for use with us here at ReamerDentistry in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Please review the details below. We would love to discuss this with you! Please call us at (910)762-0355 with any questions or visit us at ReamerDentistry.com. We look forward to hearing from you or someone you think could benefit from this soon.

Your Membership Coverage Will Include:

2 Exams per year (Included)

New Patient or Comprehensive Exam
Periodic exam or Limited Oral Exam

X-Rays (Included as listed)
Bitewings (one set per year)
Periapicals (as needed and determined by doctor)

Cleanings and Preventive Care (Included)

Adult cleaning (two per year, Adult Prophylaxis or Perio Maintenance depending on need)
Child cleaning (two per year)
Fluoride (one treatment per year)

Other In-Office Services are at 20% Discount

Fillings, Extractions, Crowns, Dentures, Root Canals, Partials, Bridges, Night Guards and Snore Guards, Perio Debridement, & Scaling and Root Planing

Dental Savings Care Program Benefits:

NO deductible
NO waiting periods
NO pre-authorizations required
NO yearly maximums
NO waiting for insurance claims to process or reimbursements

Dental Savings Care Program Membership Annual Premium:

The annual premium is $300. This can be used on any procedure that our office performs. Any procedures that are needed to be referred and done at an outside office are not covered.

The program cannot be used in conjunction with a dental insurance policy.